Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Women's sex appeal

Women's sex appeal precise definition that is sex appeal will not give even the most sexy women, but the scientists were able to figure out how in the eyes of men look sexy woman. And all thanks to the instincts that govern sex. 

first sight. Sexy woman is different appetizing forms. She had full lips, slightly upturned nose, bright eyes and a little detached expression. 
Clothing. Of course, only a red dress. 
outward appearance. No slovenliness, stretched T-shirts and odor. Piercing is also excluded. 
Peak sexuality. He is in the middle of the menstrual cycle when a woman is looking for a male to conceive a child. 
long legs. Men tend to choose women with long legs. British scientists have found that every centimeter of feet above the norm allows to have a baby at 22 grams. heavier. The more the child weighs, the healthier it is considered. 

In the sex appeal of pheromones are responsible. It was established by the Australian scientists who gathered in a movie theater, and the men began to show pictures of beautiful women. Only 40% of men admitted sexy blondes and brunettes like the rest. Then the researchers started these women into the hall, and 85% of men prefer women blonde and red. It turned out that they release pheromones to 6 times more active than brunettes. 
Close to midnight for men all women sexy. Because there are no ugly women, it all depends on the amount of alcohol consumed. 
By the way, if a girl does not like the guy, the alcohol can not change her opinion.